Discovery of Passion!

30 09 2004

Sometimes I wonder whether the educational system in India allows every individual to start the search of their Passion. Discovery of passion plays an important role in quality of life as its with passion that you enjoy bliss and happiness in life. But, the irony is Interests and passions can be discovered only when you are exposed to diverse thoughts, ideas and subjects. And here we got to stick to one stream which would most probably be the most happening stream and you tend to become narrow in focus on your pursuit of top paying job. We are drilled with the importance of money and security in life and we work like ants to achieve it. Jobs here are more for sustenance rather than for passion. How much resonance we found from history here.. Since Ages India emphasized on material gains i.e., Artha (Wealth and Power) over the other Purushardhas.. That’s the way we still lead the life here. For me, Increased exposure to diverse cultures and thoughts will make a person more adaptable, flexible and open to new ideas and it aids in finding the way to your passion.



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