Herd Mentality n Relationships!

21 09 2004

Its always easy to go along with the herd and let your decisions made by others. Now the million dollar question is why I want to be in the herd? The real culprit is the barter system in the society which is nurtured in the home. Remember the days when you get scolding if you scored less in some exam? Don’t you act the way you never wanted just to please another person? Now why all these happens? Its because you want to be secure, you want to feel loved and needed and you think that the other person would do that if you mould yourself with his or her expectations..

Now tell me, then are you being true to yourself? Haa, here comes the guilt cycle. Because you will start lies and cheating as you will want acceptance from the other person and also your own personal freedom, and hence it makes you guilty.. Here this guilty feeling makes you angry, frustrated as you feel that you are incompetent or incomplete as you cant fulfill the other person’s expectations on you. Wow! Now you will start judging yourself by things you do or things which you cant do.. But tell me, are actions a measure of the person? Is it necessary to get good gift to feel loved?

Relationships, What do they mean to me? They influence my life in great deal and for me they are a means to discover myself as life is not about living like a hermit, right? Happiness lies in being true to oneself and to the relationships I value, that’s where the essence of life is!



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