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20 09 2004

I just wondered of the great epics called Ramayana and Mahabharata..People in my home pray them and stock them. But what exactly does this literature stand for? For start, they reflect Indian heritage and give a glimpse into the ideology of people at that period of time. They talk of Aryans struggle to conquer the natives and speak volumes of the war they had..

Coming to the Gods portrayed: Rama and Krishna.. Funnily they don’t adhere to any norms or values.. See for Krishna, he is cunning, intelligent.. And Rama, called maryada purushottama, right? Is he justified in killing Vali? All this shouts at the face that power is important in life and attain it by whatever means.. Typically I feel that Rama and Krishna were personification of what ever the people that existed at that period of time.. Though personally I feel that Karna or for that matter Duryodhana to be more moral than Krishna… Ok, too much for judgments.. Now you must be wondering whether I am mocking the people or their culture.. I am just trying to understand objectively rather than trying to be a humble follower who meekly accepts the existing beliefs.. I just get puzzled when people blindly follow the culture and heritage without even questioning the underlying beliefs.



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23 04 2008

Well read a more scientific outlook at Ramayana in my blog

I hope my blog sheds some light on the True Ramayana which basically says
Rama as the first person who brought back the Agriculture and Metal crafting technologies of the Egyptians(original Lanka) back to the Asia and changed the lives of people from Nomadic Hunter Gatherer to Self-Sufficient Warriors.

Somehow during the various translations the real legacy of Rama and the real location coordinates of Ravana( the last of the Atlantian or an Offspring of Atlantian and a human being) were lost.

So , this blog might interest the real Ramayana enthusiasts to start a thesis perhaps …who knows you may be the first to decipher the real story of Ramayana.

my blog location:

20 06 2008

Quite an old entry, still felt like writing a comment on it. Not intending to hurt anybody’s opinion… I used to wonder on these same lines too…

sometimes wonder if in a thousand years when someone gets hold of J K Rowlings Harry potter, they are going to think humans in the olden times flew around with broomsticks and could do magic. May be I stretching it too far!!

20 06 2008

I think its just ignorance talking. I havent read Ramayana and Mahabharatha and So I dont wanna say that you are wrong. But, We shouldnt redicule anything without completely understanding it. Their is nothing funny about it.

I believe what you have seen is just TV series.

To give a perspective,
It like a person without reading the potter series telling that Snape is a bad man or that Voldemort was good man, He was doing all for a greater good to kill all muggles and bring order into the world.

I have some friends who have a very good understanding of the epics and Thanks to them i understood that they are not just books. Their is a good reason on why Rama killed Vali. I remember my friend telling me a story on this. Rama actually explains to Vali on why he killed him.
If you havent read it completely, you cant just pick up a line from an epic and seek justification.

20 06 2008

@ pinastro
Hollywood Ramayana sounds interesting.. 🙂 Yet, I wonder if there is something like real ramayana.. I guess each community has their own version of what they consider as Real, which is derived out of their cultural and environmental context.

@ kirukupayyan
That’s indeed imagination stretched far. 🙂 Yet, don’t you think the idea of flying on broomsticks an old legend? I do appreciate the imagined universe of J.K.Rowling, yet I believe that it must have had a strong cultural background.

@ Anon
If I have to talk about my cultural background, I have had the fortune of having good exposure to various variants of Ramayana. TV versions, cartoons to religious texts, I went through them when I was young. Yet, they are accepted based on faith and belief as a rational discussion around them was often not encouraged. This post of mine is some 4 odd years old, and if I have to replicate the message in same spirit, I might be more tolerant to the cultural belief system that era endorsed. Still, most of the explanations for the moral and ethical acts that these religious superheros commit under the name of dharma and karma often do sound as retrospective falsifications.

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