Life at IMDR!

20 09 2004


This is our insti as depicted by one of our seniors! IMDR stands for Institute of Management Development and Research, its the first management institute in Pune, India. Now why am I talking about it? I am a student of IMDR pursuing my Post Graduate Diploma in Management out here.. Its an institute where people can express themselves openly and getaway with it. A place where you can be yourself and still learn and grow. A place which believes in humility, simplicity and the power of thoughts. I simply love this place as it stands for the values it espouses. A home for me indeed!

Indian Epics

20 09 2004

I just wondered of the great epics called Ramayana and Mahabharata..People in my home pray them and stock them. But what exactly does this literature stand for? For start, they reflect Indian heritage and give a glimpse into the ideology of people at that period of time. They talk of Aryans struggle to conquer the natives and speak volumes of the war they had..

Coming to the Gods portrayed: Rama and Krishna.. Funnily they don’t adhere to any norms or values.. See for Krishna, he is cunning, intelligent.. And Rama, called maryada purushottama, right? Is he justified in killing Vali? All this shouts at the face that power is important in life and attain it by whatever means.. Typically I feel that Rama and Krishna were personification of what ever the people that existed at that period of time.. Though personally I feel that Karna or for that matter Duryodhana to be more moral than Krishna… Ok, too much for judgments.. Now you must be wondering whether I am mocking the people or their culture.. I am just trying to understand objectively rather than trying to be a humble follower who meekly accepts the existing beliefs.. I just get puzzled when people blindly follow the culture and heritage without even questioning the underlying beliefs.