Industry and Environment, Good or Bad Neighbours?

29 08 2004

First of all, Do we limit our environment to surroundings or do we extend it to include people also? If we consider environment as Nature, Nature can exist independently and it is we people who are dependent on it. Even if we consider any industry, it can’t exist in isolation. It is made up of people. So even in the industry the internal environment consists of people and the industry is made to satisfy the needs of people. What does an industry do? It either trades the resources or converts them (manufactures) into useful products which are useful to the environment. Can we really differentiate industry from the environment? We can identify an industry as having specific boundaries and taking specific inputs, it is giving useful outputs. But who is ultimately benefited by the industry, it is the people who constitute the environment. If the people decide not to have a particular industry, it simply can’t exist. Let’s see it this way, do any cacophony producing industries exist in the residential areas of the people. Answer is clearly no. It is just because people don’t prefer industry to be around the residential areas. Does all the industries are bad in any ways? So let’s consider those industries which are considered bad by people.- If we see the case of tobacco industry, why does the tobacco industry exist? It is just because there are smokers. Some how I wonder why people debate so much! Industry exists in Environment and can’t act in Isolation, and hence it has to be a good neighbour to exist, What say?



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