Indian Shortstories, What they say to us?

27 08 2004

Here I want to present my views on Indian short stories like Panchatantra, which are more interesting and easy to assimilate too. And they are also a representation of the society existing over such period of time.. they emphasis more on Niti..The way of living intelligently.. It also talks of Dharma, Artha, Kama Moksha, the hindu purushardhas of life..Dharma stands for social norms and the assigned duties, Artha for Money, material possessions, Kama for desire and Will and Moksha for divinity or salvation. So much emphasis is placed on dharma and its linked to his stage of life (husband, son), his caste as it forms order in society and hence SECURITY.. Artha is primarily essential because it gives POWER.. Now all the history is nothing but A TALE OF POWER.. AND THERE IS CONSTANT STRUGGLE TO ACQUIRE POWER.. And hence we observe constant shift of power.. Then comes kama.. the desire to be what you want to be and to do what you want to do.. Hence comes the satisfaction..

See, since decades there is no change in the pattern of thinking or the values in which we believe.. We tried to evolve in our thought process and hence we tend to become more open minded.. That’s what Hinduism did in a course of time.. It embraced Buddhism, Jainism, to a bit of Islam…and what not? But for the funny thing, Buddhism is formed as a protest against caste system and we included it in one of the dasavatara of Vishnu to incorporate it into the Hinduism.. If we tend to observe the different classes of Hinduism, we will be surprised at the variety it had and the conflicting notions it supports. Well… Finally it leads to Vasudhaika kutumbam!



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