What’s God for me?

25 08 2004

Uh.. It arises a powerful discussion whenever I bring this up in group.. People become so passionate and there are instances where emotions rule the logic! I feel that God exists because we need an answer to all the unexplainable things in universe.. He is a result of our understanding of human creation.. And we need him as we need to feel secure.. He will act as a companion when we need company, as a father when we need guidance and what not.. He is a manifestation of our security need.. He makes me feel complete as I am incomplete inside..
Now, am I an atheist? No, I too need an answer to unexplainable things in life.. But I will try not to think of things over which I have no control over.. I would be better off with working on things which I can improve.. But I don’t attribute it to God when I failed or I don’t need him to support my insecurity.. May be I can use him as a companion in need.. My own imaginative creation who can accompany me in need and in deed..Welcome my Friendly God!



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